Attribute DARK
Level 4
Monster Type Machine
Card Type Effect
ATK 1200
Card Text
If this card attacks, destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card at the end of the Battle Phase if you control another "roid" monster.
Related Cards
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  • Ambulance Rescueroid
    FIRE FIRE Level Level 6 [ Machine / Fusion / Effect ] ATK 2300 DEF 1800  
    "Rescueroid" + "Ambulanceroid"
    This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. Once per turn, when a monster on your side of the field is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon that monster in Defense Position.
    Ambulance Rescueroid
  • Ambulanceroid
    EARTH EARTH Level Level 3 [ Machine / Effect ] ATK 300 DEF 1200  
    When a "roid" monster is added from your Graveyard to your hand, you can Special Summon that monster.
  • Armoroid
    EARTH EARTH Level Level 8 [ Machine / Effect ] ATK 2700 DEF 2000  
    If this card is Tribute Summoned by Tributing at least 1 "roid" monster: Banish all Spells and Traps on the field.
  • Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
    EARTH EARTH Level Level 12 [ Machine / Fusion / Effect ] ATK 4000 DEF 4000  
    5 Machine-Type "roid" monsters
    This card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase. This card cannot attack your opponent directly. After damage calculation, if this card attacked an opponent's monster: Negate the effects of that monster (including in the Graveyard). If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle: Inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.
    Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
  • Carrierroid
    WATER WATER Level Level 4 [ Machine / Effect ] ATK 1000 DEF 800  
    When an opponent activates a card's effect that targets and destroys a Spell or Trap Card(s) you control, you can discard 1 card to negate its activation and destroy the card.
  • Cycroid
    EARTH EARTH Level Level 3 [ Machine / Normal ] ATK 800 DEF 1000  
    The most lovable and friendly of all the Vehicroids. It can arm itself with training wheels!
  • Dark Jeroid
    DARK DARK Level Level 4 [ Fiend / Effect ] ATK 1200 DEF 1500  
    If this card is Summoned: Target 1 face-up monster on the field; it loses 800 ATK.
    Dark Jeroid
  • Decoyroid
    WIND WIND Level Level 2 [ Machine / Effect ] ATK 300 DEF 500  
    While this card is face-up on your side of the field, your opponent cannot select a face-up monster as an attack target except "Decoyroid".
  • Drillroid
    EARTH EARTH Level Level 4 [ Machine / Effect ] ATK 1600 DEF 1600  
    Before damage calculation, if this card attacks a Defense Position monster: Destroy that monster.
  • Elemental HERO Necroid Shaman
    DARK DARK Level Level 6 [ Warrior / Fusion / Effect ] ATK 1900 DEF 1800  
    "Elemental HERO Wildheart" + "Elemental HERO Necroshade"
    Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card is Special Summoned: Target 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy that target, then Special Summon 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyard to their side of the field.
    Elemental HERO Necroid Shaman
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