Borrelsword Dragon

Borrelsword Dragon Borrelsword Dragon
1 2
Attribute DARK
Link 4
Monster Type Dragon
Card Type Link / Effect
ATK 3000
Card Text
3+ Effect Monsters
Cannot be destroyed by battle. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Attack Position monster; change it to Defense Position, also, this card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect's activation. Once per turn, when this card declares an attack on a face-up monster: You can activate this effect; until the end of this turn, this card gains ATK equal to half that monster's current ATK, and if it does, that monster's current ATK is halved.
2020-11-13 MAGO-EN039 Gold Series: Maximum Gold Premium Gold Rare
2018-07-27 CYHO-EN034 CYBERNETIC HORIZON Secret Rare
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  • Bayonet Punisher
    SPELL SPELL Quick-Play Quick-Play  
    Apply these effects, in sequence, depending on the type(s) of "Borrel" monsters you control and in your GY. If you control a monster with 3000 or more ATK, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this card's activation.
    ●Fusion: Banish 1 monster your opponent controls.
    ●Synchro: Banish 3 random face-down cards from your opponent's Extra Deck, face-up.
    ●Xyz: Banish 1 Spell/Trap your opponent controls.
    ●Link: Banish up to 3 cards from your opponent's GY.
    You can only activate 1 "Bayonet Punisher" per turn.
    Bayonet Punisher
  • Borrel Cooling
    Tribute 1 "Rokket" monster, then target 1 "Borrel" Link Monster you control; equip it with this card. If this card is equipped to a monster by this effect, the equipped monster gains this effect.
    ●Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 monster you control; it cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect this turn.
    Borrel Cooling
  • Borrel Supplier
    SPELL SPELL Continuous Continuous  
    During each Standby Phase, if you control a "Borrel" Link Monster: You can target 1 "Rokket" monster in your GY; Special Summon it, but destroy it during the End Phase. You can only use this effect of "Borrel Supplier" once per turn.
    Borrel Supplier
  • Borreload eXcharge Dragon
    DARK DARK Rank Rank 4 [ Dragon / Xyz / Effect ] ATK 3000 DEF 2500  
    2 Level 4 DARK Dragon monsters
    Neither player can target this Xyz Summoned card with monster effects, except its own. Once per turn: You can detach 1 material from this card, then target 1 face-up monster on the field; it loses 600 ATK/DEF, then, you can Special Summon 1 "Borrel" monster from your GY, but banish it during the End Phase, also you cannot Special Summon other monsters or attack directly for the rest of this turn.
    Borreload eXcharge Dragon
  • Borreload Riot Dragon
    DARK DARK Level Level 8 [ Dragon / Ritual / Effect ] ATK 3000 DEF 2500  
    You can Ritual Summon this card with "Heavy Interlock". When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) (Quick Effect): You can negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy that monster(s), then destroy this card or 1 "Rokket" monster you control. If this card is in your GY: You can target 1 "Borrel" or "Rokket" monster in your GY; destroy 1 card you control or in your hand, and if you do, add that target to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Borreload Riot Dragon" once per turn.
    Borreload Riot Dragon
  • Execute Protocols
    TRAP TRAP Continuous Continuous  
    During each Battle Phase: You can banish 1 DARK Link Monster from your GY, then target 1 "Borrel" monster you control; until the end of this turn, it gains ATK equal to the ATK of the monster banished to activate this effect. You can only use this effect of "Execute Protocols" once per turn.
    Execute Protocols
  • Miniborrel Dragon
    DARK DARK Link Link 2 [ Dragon / Link / Effect ] ATK 800 DEF -  
    2 "Rokket" monsters
    If you control a "Borrel" Link Monster while this card is in your GY: You can Tribute 1 Link-3 or lower monster; Special Summon this card, but it cannot be used as material for the Link Summon of a monster with the same Link Rating as the Tributed monster. You can only use this effect of "Miniborrel Dragon" once per turn.
    Miniborrel Dragon