Lector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord

Lector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord
Attribute DARK
Level 4
Pendulum Scale 5
Pendulum Effect
Negate the effects of face-up Pendulum Monsters while your opponent controls them.
Monster Type Dragon
Card Type Pendulum / Effect
ATK 1950
Card Text
At the start of the Damage Step, if this card battles a Pendulum Monster: Destroy both that monster and this card.
2017-08-25 MP17-EN014 2017 MEGA-TINS MEGA PACK Ultra Rare
2017-06-23 PEVO-EN060 PENDULUM EVOLUTION Super Rare
2016-05-06 SHVI-EN023 SHINING VICTORIES Ultra Rare
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  • Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord
    EARTH EARTH Level Level 8 [ Dragon / Ritual / Effect ] ATK 2950 DEF 2500  
    You can Ritual Summon this card with "Amorphous Persona". If this card is Ritual Summoned: Your opponent skips their next Main Phase 1. Negate the effects of face-up Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters while they are on the field. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: You can add 1 "Dracoverlord" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord".
    Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord
  • Draco Face-Off
    SPELL SPELL Quick-Play Quick-Play  
    Reveal 1 "Dracoslayer" Pendulum Monster and 1 "Dracoverlord" Pendulum Monster from your Deck, your opponent randomly picks 1 of them for you to place in your Pendulum Zone or Special Summon (your choice), and you add the other card to your Extra Deck face-up. You can only activate 1 "Draco Face-Off" per turn.
    Draco Face-Off
  • Duelist Alliance
    If there is a card in the Pendulum Zone: Add 1 "Pendulum" Pendulum Monster or "Pendulum" Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Duelist Alliance" per turn.
    Duelist Alliance
  • Forge of the True Dracos
    If a "Dracoslayer" monster, that is not a Pendulum Monster, and a "Dracoverlord" monster are on the field: Shuffle as many cards on the field as possible into the Deck, then you can Special Summon 1 "Dracoslayer" or "Dracoverlord" monster from your Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions.
    Forge of the True Dracos
  • Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer
    LIGHT LIGHT Level Level 8 [ Dragon / Effect ] ATK 2950 DEF 2950  
    Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 1 "Dracoslayer" monster and 1 "Dracoverlord" monster, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Once per turn, during either player's turn, when a card or effect is activated: You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card. If this card in its owner's control is destroyed by an opponent's card (by battle or card effect): You can Special Summon 1 "Dracoslayer" monster and 1 "Dracoverlord" monster from your Deck.
    Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer